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    A Uniquely Client Oriented Laboratory Environment

    April 9, 2009 | Posted by WETLAB

    “Getting high quality data can be easy, and working with the right lab can make it a pleasure.”

    WETLAB has always prided itself on being a uniquely client-oriented laboratory that offers superior customer service in addition to provide high quality, legally defensible data in a timely manner. One of the challenges that we have faced over the years, as we've been growing, is providing the same type of customer service that we could as a small lab. We've adapted (are adapting...) by creating internal systems to keep track of our customer's needs, as well as actively pursuing and developing analytical testing to meet the needs of our clients, even it may be outside the realm of our normal testing methods.

    Now I want to ask for a little help from our readers.

    If you are a current client, what are some things that we have done great and made your life easier? What are some things that we could do better at? What there one thing that happen, in particular, that you really noticed as being above and beyond what you would normally expect from a laboratory?

    If you're not a client of ours but you've had experience with analytical laboratories, is there anything that those other labs have done that you feel is above and beyond the normal things you would expect from a lab? Is there something those other labs have done that you feel was unforgivable or unprofessional?

    For everyone, even those who may never use an analytical laboratory, has there ever been a customer service experience that really impressed you? What did that company do and why did it make such a big impression on you? On the other hand, is there a customer service experience (or lack of...) that really left you with a nasty taste in your mouth about that company?

    And finally, for any of you out there that may be in the customer service fields, what are some of the creative solutions you have come up with to provide excellent, creative and unforgettable customer service to your clients?

    Let us know what you think, we'd love to hear from you! Contact us at (775) 355-0202.

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