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Western Environmental
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Our Staff
Michelle Sherven

I am the President of WETLAB-Western Environmental Testing Laboratory. I have worked in the Environmental Laboratory industry for over 20 years. During that time, I have been fortunate enough to be trained by top-notch people in many different areas of the laboratory. After I earned my BS in Environmental Science with a concentration in Water Resources, I started my laboratory career working in the sample receiving department. From there I moved into the laboratory learning microbiology and wet chemistry analyses. Then I went into project management, then laboratory management, then sales, until I ultimately became an owner. I’m extremely interested in understanding and learning about the people and projects that my lab gets involved in, which is why WETLAB has become the go-to lab for special projects that other labs are not equipped to handle. I believe that our people are what make WETLAB great, and I am passionate about giving back to the community we call home.

Nick Ross

I have over thirteen years of experience in environmental laboratory work, and have held many different roles, all which have positively influenced my current position as Operations Manager at WETLAB. I started as a Trace Metals Chemist (ICP-OES, ICP-MS, Hg by CVAA, GFAA), and later acted as Inorganics Supervisor. As the Operations Manager, I direct and coordinate the overall production of the laboratory, and ensure the effective utilization of staff, adherence to technical requirements, schedules, and budgets in order to maximize profits and satisfy clients. I have broadened my skill significantly at WETLAB, as I am now responsible for supervising the Leadership Team, laboratory productivity and turnaround times, and all special projects (which WETLAB participates in frequently). I enjoy helping our clients with complex projects, and ensure that WETLAB maintains an edge by staying abreast of industry changes and developments in technology.

Andy Smith

Through numerous years of laboratory chemistry experience, and enjoyable, informative client contact I’ve been able build a solid foundation for myself as the quality assurance manager. I thoroughly enjoyed the nearly 10 years I spent as a lab analyst, lab supervisor, and lab manager in the environmental lab industry. With another 10 years, and counting, as the quality assurance manager I’ve found even more experience and knowledge. In the varying roles I’ve performed I was introduced to countless experiences that helped me learn exactly what is needed to produce high quality data that exceeds our client’s needs. My expertise lies in my knowledge of the analyses we perform, my years of data review, and my relationship with regulatory agencies. I have great relationships with numerous regulators and lab certification officers that I’m able to use to my advantage by learning from them and being able to easily communicate with them.

Garry Gray

I am a member of the Business Development team at WETLAB- Western Environmental Testing Laboratory, where I will focus on expanding our interests in Northern Nevada.
I possess a strong environmental services sales/marketing background that began back in 1994 within the greater northern Nevada area. Over the years I’ve worked closely with municipalities, the mining community, engineering and consulting firms, construction companies, manufacturing companies, utilities and government agencies. I’ve had the opportunity to establish multi-year service agreements, as well as assisted customers to remain compliant from a haz-waste generator perspective. Upon joining WETLAB, I have embraced the challenge of adding even more WETLAB clients to the current ‘extensive’ list of customers. I have been actively pursuing mining, consultants/engineers, municipalities and industrial user accounts. Educating my customers to the vast array of services and capabilities that WETLAB has to offer is a very satisfying activity.

Phaedra Harmening

I have over 25 years of laboratory experience and have been with WETLAB for more than 12 years. As Laboratory Manager at the Elko office, I oversee day to day laboratory management, including management of staff, laboratory analysis, quality control, client services and courier routes. I earned a Bachelor of Science in microbiology from Oregon State University and completed four years of the USDA Student Fellowship program in the field of biological science, which included lab work assignments in microbiology, chemistry, and plant pathology labs. I worked for two years as a field scientist, focusing in ecological planning and toxicology, where I was responsible for collecting and compiling data for reporting. Prior to working with WETLAB, I worked as the City of Elko Laboratory Manager, where I was responsible for all chemistry and microbiology analysis, including maintaining Nevada certifications for all analysis performed.

Kara Ansell

I have spent over a decade refining my skills in the dynamic world of IT/IS as a profession, and even longer as a hobby. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in computer science and an Associate’s Degree in information systems, I’m constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of tech. As a proud member of both the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), I’m passionate about using my know-how to bring businesses and technology closer together. Whether it’s coding, delivering data analytics, or implementing new processes with software, I live for the thrill of turbocharging business operations with time-saving automations, interfaces that innovate user experiences, and delivering strategic business insights.

Cory Baker

I joined the company over 9 years ago after working in the fields of environmental science, marine biology and genetic research. Since starting at WETLAB I’ve gained extensive experience in providing customers with timely, quality data and continue to implement innovative ways to meet this objective efficiently. Most recently, I was promoted to Quality Assurance Manager. In my new role, I am responsible for ensuring data is of the highest quality and meets the needs of our clients. I attended college locally at Truckee Meadows and completed my Bachelor of Science in marine and environmental sciences at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. I enjoy travel and go visit the ocean and the coastal forests as often as possible.

Wanona Perkins

I am an Assistant Laboratory Manager with 13 years of laboratory experience. In my previous role, I was a laboratory manager and oversaw creating inventory standard operating procedures for the staff, developed a quality management system to track production and results, and operated and maintained laboratory instrumentation. I was also the site chemical hygiene officer, a member of the safety committee and handled project management for new laboratory processes and assisted the site project manager in the sale and purchase of equipment and materials data analysis to ensure the efficiency of production. I earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Arizona. My duties include supervising group leads within the laboratory, ensuring production meets goals and expectations, as well as overseeing laboratory operations.

Giavanna Herchik

I received my Bachelor of Science in Biology from Youngstown State University and have over 5 years of experience in my field, most recently working as a hazardous waste technician where I learned to segregate and process hazardous materials. I performed hazardous categorization tests to identify materials for proper labeling and disposal, while assisting in maximizing reusable or recyclable materials. In October 2021, I was awarded with a “Best of the Best” Safety Award in Waste Management. As the laboratory manager at the WETLAB Las Vegas branch, my responsibilities include overseeing daily laboratory operations, as well as managing laboratory functions and staff. Additionally, I ensure that all safety protocols are followed, while maintaining laboratory equipment and supplies.

Mckenna Oh

I first joined WETLAB in 2018, where I served in the client services department. In July 2022, I was promoted to project manager. My responsibilities include serving as a primary contact to help WETLAB clients with their analytical work. I also oversee communications and coordination between the client and analytical staff to ensure project requirements are communicated and adhered to. I received a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Caitrianna Bishop

I serve as a client service manager for WETLAB, where I am responsible for supervising staff and couriers to ensure client satisfaction, assisting with courier routes, sample receiving, and bottle kit requests. I have over 2 years of experience in client services. In my previous role, I was responsible for customer service and support to clients, which included helping them with their inquiries and resolving any issues or concerns. I also assisted with various office duties, including scheduling reservations, assisting clients as needed, and coordination of reservations with the manager. I earned my Bachelor of Science in environmental science from Texas A&M University, as well as an Associate of Science from Brookhaven College in Dallas, TX.