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Western Environmental
Testing Laboratory
Advancing Our Capacity & Capabilities in 2023

In 2023, WETLAB has undergone significant enhancements to its capabilities and capacity, positioning itself to better serve clients with more improvements slated for 2024. The acquisition of multiple new instruments, including two additional ICPMS instruments, has increased analytical capacity, particularly for tests requiring ICPMS analysis. Notably, the company achieved a 50% reduction in time-to-client for high production tests, aided by staff increases, cross training, and new instrument purchases.

WETLAB has also broadened its offerings by introducing a new GC-ECD instrument in the chromatography department for HAA5 analysis, addressing regional needs in disinfection by product testing for drinking water. This move allows for better control of analysis processes and meets client demands more effectively.

Looking ahead, WETLAB anticipates the addition of two ion chromatography (IC) instruments to further enhance capacity and mitigate potential delays. With a successful year of growth in 2023, WETLAB is poised for further improvements and exciting opportunities in 2024.

Andy Smith, Laboratory Director