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WETLAB’s Soil Crushing/Prep Lab Is Here

We are excited to announce that construction and equipment installation is complete of our soil crushing lab.  We are currently processing client’s samples for soils analysis.  Our new Boyd Elite Crusher and RM2000 pulverizer will give WETLAB the ability to prepare soil samples for analysis and provide critical information to client with greater efficiency.  We are excited for this additional capability and to better serve our clients.  For more information or tour of the facility and new crushing lab please reach out to your project manager to schedule.


Stormwater is water from rain or melting snow and ice.  In natural and undeveloped environments, that water would infiltrate the ground, replenish underground aquifers, recharge groundwater, or evaporate.  In areas that have an abundance of soil surface area, the water is absorbed, and little run off is created.  The development and/or urbanization of an area can create situations in which very little or no water may infiltrate the ground.

Stormwater management is important in diminishing the effects of runoff and snowmelt and reducing the introduction of trace metals, soil, bacteria and other chemicals into surrounding bodies of water.  The proper management of stormwater can help prevent undesirable outcomes, such as flooding and stream and soil erosion, while also protecting water quality and helping to maintain a healthy hydrologic cycle.

Stormwater samples should be collected during a qualifying storm event. A qualifying event is defined by 40 CFR 122.21 (g)(7)(ii), as discharge resulting from a storm event greater than 0.1 inch and at least 72 hours prior from the previously measurable (>0.1-inch rainfall) storm event.  Samples are collected as grab or composite, as identified in your stormwater discharge application and permit.  The required analysis may vary and may include pH, total cyanide, oil and grease, fecal coliform, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5), total suspended solids (TSS), ortho-phosphate and total nitrogen.  Several analyses commonly required have hold-times of 48 hours or less.  Because of the short hold time, the unpredictability of storms and requisite sampling event, it’s important to communicate with your laboratory prior to sampling, so that a plan may be developed to maximize analytical success.

WETLAB’s mission is to provide critical information to solve environmental problems.  Our client services staff are available at all of locations to provide you proper bottles and preservatives, schedule off hour sample delivery and help with all of your environmental testing needs. If you have any questions, please contact us today, https://www.wetlaboratory.com/contact/.

Welcome to Las Vegas! Our location is one of two satellite labs for WETLAB. As such, we strive to embody all WETLAB core values, goals, and customer satisfaction.  We accomplish this by having a great group of staff that works well together and always goes the extra mile in the lab, with the data handling and courier routes. Each day we ensure that we are fulfilling and supporting our customers’ needs when it comes to bottle kits, analysis, courier routes and questions they may have regarding any part of the collection and testing process.

Over the last 6 months we accomplished our goal of obtaining new analytical certifications, allowing us to expand our use of our Laboratory Information Management System and streamline data entry.  We are now running Orthophosphate by a new method that enables us to reach lower reporting limits and come into contact with less interferences.  We are looking forward to expanding our analytical capabilities within the next few months by bringing on more short hold analysis.  We are starting that process by getting our certificates for Color and Turbidity analysis for Nevada and California drinking water samples. Our team is always looking for opportunities to grow our abilities to meet the needs of our clients and are excited to continue to roll out these changes.

If you have any questions or would like more information on our Las Vegas lab and services, please give us a call. Feel free to stop by our office and let us put a face to the name or introduce yourself!



  • Microbiology analysis
  • Wet-Chemistry analysis
  • Free sample pick-up, package and transport to our Sparks facility (if necessary)
  • Delivery of testing supplies


3230 Polaris Ave. #3 & 4
Las Vegas, NV 89102


New method updates and regulations began to take affect July 1, 2021.  WETLAB’s purpose is to provide critical information to solve environmental problems.  The information we provide in our reports aid in our clients’ operations and WETLAB would like to share some updates issued by EPA and other regulatory agencies in 2021.  Please contact your regulator to discuss how these updates may impact your environmental testing requirements.

2021 Methods Update Rule



State of California Revised Total Coliform Rule



EPA Draft Contaminant List



The Bureau of Mining Regulation and Reclamation (BMRR) is revising the Profile I and Profile I-R parameter list to include uranium (total) effective October 1, 2021.  The complete Profile I and Profile I-R parameter list can be found at the links below.




NDEP – BMRR Mining Regulation Guidance, Policies, References, and Requirements


In 2015, the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP), with collaboration between the Laboratory Certification division and Bureau of Mining Regulation and Reclamation (BMRR), created the Mining Certification program.  Under the Mining program, analytical laboratories became Nevada certified to perform analysis in support of mining operations.  The certifications covered a variety of sample types, including waters, soils, and hazardous waste.  This new program was beneficial to both laboratories and the mining industry and gave clear guidance through specific methodology to perform the required testing.

As the program has evolved, the handling and analysis procedures of soil samples for static and kinetic testing have updated throughout the years.  Many of the updates have focused on a variety of the preparatory stages of analysis.  These preparatory stages can include sample collection, size segregation and/or reduction through sieving, crushing, or pulverizing, drying, extractions, distillations, and digestions.  Each test has its unique preparatory requirements, and a “one-size-fits-all approach” is not appropriate when dealing with a multiple analysis scope of test work.

Please see the attached table that show requirements for soils testing under the Mining Program.

Please consider these requirements as they may affect turn-around-time and/or the ability to perform test work.  It is recommended to understand your testing needs prior to sample collection.  WETLAB’s purpose is to provide critical information for environmental problems and our project managers and client services staff are available for your pre-project planning.


Our Elko lab is located at 1084 Lamoille Highway and is open Monday – Thursday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Friday by appointment only. The team is made up of 7 talented individuals, whom we are lucky to call our team members. The Elko lab offers the below services:

Local testing performed under Clean Water Act (Non Potable Water) and the Safe Drinking Water Act (Potable Water)

CWA (Non Potable Water)

IDEXX Quanti-Tray® using Colilert®-18Hr® – E. coli enumeration

IDEXX Quanti-Tray® using Colilert®-18Hr® – Fecal Coliforms

SDWA (Potable Water)

SM 2150 B – Odor

IDEXX Colilert®-18Hr – Escherichia coli

IDEXX Colilert®-18Hr – Total Coliforms

IDEXX Quanti-Tray® using Colilert®-18Hr® under SWTR- E. coli enumeration

IDEXX Quanti-Tray® using Colilert®-18Hr® under SWTR – Total Coliform enumeration

Support Services Available

MSHA Certified and site specific hazards trained personnel for mine-site access

Courier service sample pickup and supply/bottle kit delivery

Local office and staff for sample drop off and bottle kit pickup





WETLAB provides environmental testing

Jun 10, 2021

Mining companies rely on independent parties for environmental testing and analysis to ensure operations meet government regulations and safety standards.

In Nevada, one such support company is Western Environmental Testing Laboratory, or WETLAB.

The company started in 2002 when environmental scientist Michelle Sherven purchased a lab that was going out of business in the Sparks area. Within a few years, WETLAB moved into a state-of-the-art headquarters facility in Sparks, and expanded to Elko and later to Las Vegas.

WETLAB provides organic and inorganic microbiology testing and is certified under the Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. The lab’s certifications qualify it to run more than 60 tests. Most of WETLAB’s work involves analysis on water quality issues pertaining to soils, lakes and river systems, serving Nevada, California, Idaho, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming.

The mining industry in Nevada avails WETLAB of services such as water and soil testing.

“We are strictly on the environmental side,” said Nick Ross, WETLABS operations manager. “We service a lot of mining clients in their needs throughout the state.”

Results of water testing can help the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection determine a project’s eligibility for a water pollution control permit, or help a mine maintain a safe potable water system. WETLAB test soils when spills occur and to assist with mine reclamation.

Mines “are very environmentally conscious,” Ross said, “so during their exploration and mining operations, they are always looking for ways that they can perform the work that they are doing when extracting the precious metals [responsibly], and when they are completed with the mining efforts, they are able to reclaim the land to basically make it like they have never touched it. We have aided in some of those projects.”

Outside the mining industry, WETLAB works on civil projects including a handful of wastewater treatment plant expansions in urban areas experiencing population growth. WETLAB tests samples before and after expansion to help operators ensure they’re meeting the environmental regulations.

“We are performing a small piece of, ‘Yes, everything looks good pre-and post-expansion,’ ” Ross said.

WETLAB, like other laboratories, must follow Environmental Protection Agency regulations and use standard methodologies and equipment for testing. Because that levels the playing field among labs, WETLAB tries to stand out by taking on challenging projects.

“I’m extremely interested in understanding and learning about the people and projects that my lab gets involved in, which is why WETLAB has become the go-to lab for special projects that other labs are not equipped to handle,” Sherven states on the company website.

Ross said they succeed by partnering with their clients to come up with the best test work and best program to help achieve their testing goals.

“When a client presents us with something that that I would deem out of the box, we don’t like to say no. We like to go down that road of ‘Yes, yes, yes, yes,’ until there is a roadblock — whether it is not scientifically sound or not feasible from a scientific standpoint or is just something that won’t be possible due to the technology available,” Ross said. “We are open to anything until it is just impossible.

In Elko, offering quality service means offering couriers with drivers who have taken Mine Safety and Health Administration and site-specific training. It might also mean keeping the Elko lab open outside of traditional business hours to accommodate a mine employee dropping off samples.

The Elko lab employs seven people who are part of WETLAB’s total team of 46. 


Check out today’s Someone to Know on KTVN 2 News to see our own Jennifer Delaney! Thank you Jennifer, for everything you do for WETLAB and for our community.

KTVN Andi Guevara Someone to Know


Someone to Know

Congratulations to Kat Langford on her promotion to lab manager! Read more about Kat below!

Michelle Sherven, president of Sparks-based Western Environmental Testing Laboratory (WETLAB), announced this month the promotion of Kat Langford to lab manager of the Las Vegas office.

Langford has 10 years of experience in environmental laboratory testing, according to an April 6 press release.

She will be responsible for overseeing daily office and laboratory operations, conducting lab testing, administering proficiency testing and maintaining training records for employees.

Previously, Langford was a part of the client services department at WETLAB, an environmental testing laboratory company that provides comprehensive analytical support on a variety of matrices and testing to comply with numerous programs.

Langford received a Bachelor of Science in nutrition/deictics and public health from the University of Nevada, Reno. She is an active volunteer for the Veterans Guest House.

Get a sneak peek at our new lab. More details to come.