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Department Feature: Project Management Team

Meet Hollie and Kat, our Project Management team. Our project managers are our client advocates, here to offer creative solutions and provide accurate data. Establishing relationships and understanding the needs of each client is one of the roles that make this department stand apart.

The primary focuses of this team are to manage correspondence with WETLAB clients and review work orders for accuracy after the sample log-in process is complete at each of our locations. The department sends client reporting, creates analytical quotes, oversees subcontracted work, performs data uploads using Equis or Lab-To-State software, and completes operational functions required for the testing process to progress smoothly.

Hollie and Kat stay on top of the ever-evolving state and federal guidelines and work with clients to ensure they are informed of any changes and are executing sampling to the required standards.

Meet Hollie. Her favorite part of her job is getting to know the clients and helping them with their needs. A lover of all things outdoors, Hollie enjoys camping, fishing and hunting, as well as gardening, cooking, canning and crafting. She has a several pets, including a dog, a leopard gecko, an aquatic turtle and an Emperor Scorpion.







Meet Kat. Kat loves meeting clients and believes that understanding their business makes WETLAB a more valuable partner. Outside of her role at WETLAB, Kat loves to stand up paddleboard and even worked with her dog this summer to get her comfortable on the board, as well as the kayak.