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Kat’s Story- Veteran’s Guest House

I am the newest member of the WETLAB crew.  Going by Kat, I am an analyst on the bench team spending much of my time getting water all over the place.

During my interview process, the lab manager had mentioned how active the company is in the community.  I was beyond thrilled and impressed with just this one little mentioning. Then within the first month of my being employed with WETLAB, the 2015 big event nominations had opened.  I knew immediately that I wanted to nominate the Veterans Guest House.

Over the past six years, I have been lucky enough to spend countless hours with the men and women who make the Veterans Guest House a ‘home away from home’.  I have volunteered at multiple radiothons and poker runs as well as attended events such as Boots Meets Fashion and summertime BBQs.

Whether it is volunteering or attending one of the events, I will always walk away with stories from some of the most courageous people I will ever have a chance to meet.  I have met World War II veterans and spouses who make sure that you enjoy one of their home made treats just to see a smile on your face.  I have met Vietnam veterans whom are immigrants from Europe and the United States military was their only way to achieve the American dream.  I have met an Iraqi War veteran who has become one of my best and most influential friends in life.  I have met currently active members of our military and can only thank them for their services.

All of these men and women have given our community a chance to support the most deserving people in our country.  The least that I was able to do was bring awareness to my fellow WETLAB employees.   I am more than grateful that they have chosen to put time and effort into fundraising for this cause as well as matching all that is raised.  If you have a spare moment, please take a chance to support your veterans.

‘We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give’ — Winston Churchill

Visit www.VeteransGuestHouse.org/donate and be sure to enter WETLAB on the “Donation Note or Organization” line. Remember, if  you donate before March 6th, 2015, WETLAB will MATCH your donation