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Western Environmental
Testing Laboratory
Leading the Charge on Improving Client Services

In 2023, WETLAB dedicated its efforts to enhancing the client experience by revamping internal procedures, increasing client visits, and actively seeking and acting upon client feedback. Our client services team successfully achieved this by updating client services documents based on your feedback, and implementing procedural changes to elevate the overall experience.

One notable initiative included the standardization of the client operating procedures across all of our locations. Based on the feedback WETLAB received, our biggest opportunity was to reduce our time-to-client. We were able to drastically improve our turnaround times by implementing an internal hold time alert system, improving tracking to provide accurate time frames and due dates upon receiving a sample and increasing our capacity.  For more information on those efforts, CLICK HERE.

At WETLAB our client engagement is what sets us apart. We strive to work with our clients to provide the best experience possible. All of these milestones have contributed to achieving our 2023 goal of increasing client engagement and communication. As we look forward to evolving in 2024, client engagement remains a priority, and feedback from you, our clients, is necessary for continuous improvement.


Caitrianna Bishop, Client Services Manager