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Mining Program Testing Requirements

In 2015, the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP), with collaboration between the Laboratory Certification division and Bureau of Mining Regulation and Reclamation (BMRR), created the Mining Certification program.  Under the Mining program, analytical laboratories became Nevada certified to perform analysis in support of mining operations.  The certifications covered a variety of sample types, including waters, soils, and hazardous waste.  This new program was beneficial to both laboratories and the mining industry and gave clear guidance through specific methodology to perform the required testing.

As the program has evolved, the handling and analysis procedures of soil samples for static and kinetic testing have updated throughout the years.  Many of the updates have focused on a variety of the preparatory stages of analysis.  These preparatory stages can include sample collection, size segregation and/or reduction through sieving, crushing, or pulverizing, drying, extractions, distillations, and digestions.  Each test has its unique preparatory requirements, and a “one-size-fits-all approach” is not appropriate when dealing with a multiple analysis scope of test work.

Please see the attached table that show requirements for soils testing under the Mining Program.

Please consider these requirements as they may affect turn-around-time and/or the ability to perform test work.  It is recommended to understand your testing needs prior to sample collection.  WETLAB’s purpose is to provide critical information for environmental problems and our project managers and client services staff are available for your pre-project planning.