Western Environmental
Testing Laboratory
WETLAB is Growing!

We are in the process of tripling the space of our semi-volatile organics lab!

Construction is expected to be done mid-August, with the expansion fully functional (hopefully!) by the end of September.  The expansion will nearly triple the square footage of Bruce’s lab, and the new equipment will essentially double capacity.  The new instrument is a GCFID, which is for running TPH analysis (and could in the future run alcohols, gylcols, and qualitative, not just quantitative, TPH), and will be used to do just extract-ables, with the old GCFID being relegated to just purge-ables.  In the old lab, where the instruments currently are, a six-foot fume hood will be installed, and all instruments will be in the expanded area.  This new area will have six “instrument stations,” with counter space and vents, but only three will be used for right now.  This is exciting news because this means there are further opportunities for growth!

This week, TPH and HAA5 sample results may be a bit late, but all result and sample flow will return to normal right after that!  This expansion will help WETLAB nearly double our sample capacity, and will give Bruce some much needed space in his lab!

For questions and queries, please call our client services department at (775) 355-0202.