Western Environmental
Testing Laboratory
WETLAB Connects to Consumers and Clients Through Social Networks

Modern communication is a complex array of tweets, status updates, pixels and blogs. And more than ever the choices of consumers are influenced by the data streaming through the online universe on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In this fast-paced communication landscape, it is easy to be left behind, to lose your connection to consumers, clients and industry peers, and to allow the online conversation to pass you by. We here at WETLAB are not only not being left behind, we are leading the charge into a future of effective digital interaction with our water quality monitoring market.

“Social media and online communication tools are not a flash-in-the-pan trend. They are here to stay, and they are the present and future of how businesses and clients communicate,” said Michelle Sherven, President of WETLAB. “By engaging our market through numerous online media, we are positioning ourselves ahead of the curve in our industry, and ahead of the game in effective and immediate interaction with our consumers.”

WETLAB currently engages consumers and potential clients through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, an e-mail newsletter campaign using Constant Contact, and a blog. Through our Twitter feed, WETLAB recently doled out up-to-the-minute updates from the 2010 Geothermal Energy Expo in Sacramento in mid October. Through the immediate communication of Twitter, we were able to connect with potential clients at the industry event.

Our YouTube channel displays videos from one of the company’s most recent projects — water quality monitoring for the City of Sparks, Nev. — giving those too busy to read or too bored with a long block of text, an engaging way to experience our water quality monitoring work.

Facebook supplies information to consumers in a more active way than a traditional website, allowing social networking browsers to see the latest news on our company without taking the time to visit our home website.

Through each social media avenue, WETLAB is not just engaging in self-promotion, but informing a targeted group of individuals about a topic they care about.

“The key to social media is to not just talk about yourself, but engage in conversation on interesting subjects and trends in the industry,” said Sherven.

By taking the business savvy that made us a premier water quality monitoring laboratory and applying it to online communications networks, WETLAB has embraced innovative ways to communicate with our customer base. And each connection we make through our targeted digital networks is reaffirmation that online communication translates into good business.