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Uncertain Future of TRPA Raises Environmental Funding Questions

Despite the controversy that has surrounded it since its inception, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency has been the most effective funding funnel that Lake Tahoe environmental projects have ever seen. Hundreds of millions of dollars in environmental restoration work has been brought to the Tahoe Basin through Tahoe’s unique, bi-state planning organization.

Recently, however, the agency has been under fire like never before. A bill introduced in the Nevada legislature threatens to pull out of the agency if certain significant changes are not made to the way the agency operates. Just days ago, the bill passed the Nevada legislature, and it now awaits the governor’s signature to become law.

For background on the controversy surrounding the TRPA, and details on the Nevada bill that threatens to pull out of the agency by 2015, visit these links:



Do you work in environmental restoration, water monitoring or regulation at Lake Tahoe? What would the dissolution of the TRPA mean for your business? What are your opinions about Lake Tahoe’s environmental future without a bi-state planning agency?

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