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Western Environmental
Testing Laboratory
WETLAB Environmental Club

WETLAB’s purpose is to provide critical information to solve environmental problems. Each day we provide our clients with information that they use to reduce negative impacts on the environment, and we are proud to play a small role in such an important duty.

Earlier in 2022, a group of WETLAB employees came together to create an environmental club. The purpose of the club is to discuss and propose ideas of how WETLAB can reduce its impact on the environment, educate and create awareness for our staff about our actions and the environment, promote eco-friendly behaviors and create some social opportunities within the organization that have been missing since 2020.

In its short life, the environmental club has made a tremendous impact within the organization. The environmental club has implemented a single-stream recycling program that has reduced the amount of garbage that WETLAB sends to landfill by 50%. Proposed updating all light fixtures and lighting to LED from fluorescent lights. This was completed in late summer of 2022, which has led to smaller carbon footprint, 70% reduction in energy consumption and less created by our lights on temperature sensitive equipment. In June of 2022, the environmental club installed a vertical garden. According to multiple studies, living plants offer a variety of benefits including air purification, ambient temperature reduction, noise reduction, and boosting productivity.

We are proud of the steps we have taken this year and invite you to visit and see some of the changes yourself.