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WETLAB’s Dedication to Quality: Sparks & Las Vegas Labs Anticipate NELAC Accreditation by June 2024

We’re pleased to announce an important development in WETLAB’s pursuit of quality. Our laboratories in Sparks and Las Vegas are in the process of achieving NELAC Accreditation with completion expected by June. 

The National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC) is an esteemed organization endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which sets forth stringent standards for environmental laboratories to ensure the quality and reliability of environmental data.

To be eligible for NELAC accreditation, laboratories must adhere to a comprehensive set of criteria that demonstrate their competence in environmental testing. These requirements criteria are reviewed annually and include:

  • Sample Management: ensuring the integrity of samples through meticulous documentation and handling from collection to analysis.
  • Data Accuracy: upholding the highest standards of data integrity and reliability in test results.
  • Instrument Precision: conduct regular calibration of testing equipment to guarantee precise measurements.
  • Method Selection: using validated testing methods that are appropriate for the analysis being conducted.
  • Sensitivity Standards: setting thresholds for the detection and quantification of substances within samples. 
  • Performance Validation: demonstrating the laboratory’s consistent ability to perform tests accurately and dependably. 
  • Comprehensive Reporting: providing a complete set of data and documentation to validate test results.
  • Expert Assessment: ensuring that personnel are properly trained to assess laboratory competence.
  • Quality Management: implementing a robust quality management system that includes internal audits and management reviews. 

These standards are designed to ensure that environmental laboratories operate with the highest standards of quality and can produce data that is reliable and fit for the intended purpose.

This anticipated certification will not only permit us to continue services in California but also reinforces our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality and service.



  • Accreditation in Progress: Our team’s persistent dedication is about to result in meeting NELAC’s rigorous standards, which reflect our alignment with national quality measurements.
  • Guaranteed Quality: The forthcoming accreditation serves as proof of our commitment to data integrity and precision in our operations. 
  • Operational Excellence: The process of accreditation has prompted us to further refine our quality systems and operational practices.
  • Assured Confidence: You can have full confidence in the quality of the data we provide, knowing it comes from an accredited source.
  • Future Outlook: We are excited about the opportunities this accreditation will present for our clients, and we remain devoted to offering superior laboratory testing services.

Andy Smith, Laboratory Director